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Перевозка умершего (погибшего) на дальние растояния автотранспортом

Менглет Майя Георгиевна 8 августа 1935 Москва - 19 января 2023 Мельбурн


На 88 году жизни в Австралийском Мельбурне, скончалась дочь известного советского артиста Георгия Менглета, звежда советского фильма "Дело было в Пенькове"

Майя Гергиевна Менглет.



Заказать венок на панихиду



Джина Лоллобриджида

4 июля 1927 Италия - 16 января 2023 Италия

В возрасте 85 лет в Италии скончалась итальянская актриса, фотожурналист, политик и общественный деятель, одна из главных европейских секс-символов послевоенного кинематографа. Популярность актрисе принесли роли как в европейских фильмах («Фанфан-Тюльпан», «Хлеб, любовь и фантазия», «Собор Парижской Богоматери»), так и её работа в Голливуде («Посрами дьявола», «Соломон и царица Савская»).


помощь психолога в смерти
Помощь психолога


Дезинфекция помещений после умерших
Уборка помещений. Дезинфекция квартир после умерших (людей, животных и т. д.)


24-hour reference for the transportation of репатриируемого of the deceased cargo 200 of the United States of America (funeral services in the united states) by phones: +7 (964) 770 00 10 manager communicates in Russian language; +7 (985) 776 37 74 manager will answer in English

1. The Capital Of The United States Of America:


2. The approximate cost of transportation of the deceased (killed) cargo 200 of the united states of America:

The cost of репатриаций of the dead, made by our ritual agency of the united states, of America, ranged from $ 8,000

3.  The price of the post-mortem repatriation of the deceased from the United States of America depends on :

Place of death, the circumstances of the death, the distance from the embassy of the RUSSIAN federation in the USA, the distance from the airport of departure of the cargo 200 in the united states , the city of arrival репатриируемого in the Russian Federation, funeral accessories purchased for transportation, the quality of embalming the dead in the morgue in the territory of the United States of America

4.  If the deceased (dead) on the territory of the United States of America citizen of the Russian Federation at the entrance was insured...

... and the insurance case corresponds to the contract, our service provides free repatriation to the city specified in the insurance.

IMPORTANT!!! You should immediately report about the occurrence of the insured event the insurance company, phones which are specified in the insurance and guided by the recommendations and instructions of the manager колцентра. Your independent actions will be chaotic and does not speed up the repatriation of the deceased to their Homeland.

5.  For complete information and consultation, refer to the dispatcher on the phone moisseev +7 (964) 770 00 10, in English +7 (985) 776 37 74 or fill out an application

6. Insurance companies, automatically included in the policy at the check-out citizens of Russia of the Russian Federation in the tourist or business trips to USA:

Ingosstrakh, KIT Finance, VSK Insurance group MSK, Renaissance Insurance Group, ROSNO, SOGAZ, Transneft, Capital Insurance, ЛексГарант, the Master of the Guarantor, Oranta, RESO Guarantee, РОСТРА, Ugoria, Чартис, Rosgosstrakh, ISK Euro-Polis, Alfastrakhovanie, АВИКОС, CARDIFF, Energogarant, ERGO Rus, the European travel, GUTA Insurance, INNOVATIVE GUARANTOR, the inter-sector INSURANCE, Investment and Finance chateau d'IF, Capital-polis, ЛОЙД CITY, MAX, METROPOLIS, Межрегионгарант, the BASE, the COUNTRY, the PROGRESS of the insurance group, THE guarantor, the SMP Insurance, SPASSKIE VOROTA Insurance company, and TITUS, URALSIB, VTB, ANCHOR, ZURICH - with all of the insurance companies we cooperate

7.  Arranging for the repatriation of the USA (United States of America)

Repatriation of the deceased from the territory of the United States of America (USA) can't be done in 2-3 days, in connection with the complicated bureaucratic system in the USA (United States of America). Transportation of the deceased cargo 200 from New York and other major cities of America is by plane. Direct flights will take the zinc container with the deceased in the following cities of Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg.

The order of registration documents for the deaths of Russian citizens in the united states, regulates the local legislation. Death certificate issued by the pathologist, is different from Russian, no defense, and watermarks. Certificate of embalming (preservation) for a certain number of days, issue the funeral home, in the territory of which prepare the body of the deceased Russian.

For transportation of the deceased from America need help on is not an attachment (lack of foreign investments in zinc coffin)

All the documents shall be deposited in the consular departments of the addresses and telephone numbers are listed below.

In the consular department of the embassy of RUSSIAN federation in the USA, certify the documents submitted and will be given a death certificate of the Russian Federation.

It is desirable to make the notarial translation of all documents.

In all large cities of the USA it; New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, San Antonio, San Diego, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Detroit, Denver, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Columbus, Atlanta, there is a Funeral Home with the Russian-speaking personnel or the Russians ritual agency. Detailed help, can anyone making cargo 200 of America, it is better to learn in the Consular departments of the U.S. territory.

Funeral Home "Acropolis", on your wish will be able to transport the deceased from the entire territory of the United States of America. To place an order for the repatriation of America, you should be contacted by phone: +7 (495) 669 94 01 with the manager of our service, as well as in person or by proxy to come to our office located five minutes from the metro station "Rechnoy vokzal" to the address: Moscow, str., The house 9, office 12

The price for the repatriation of cargo 200 from the USA (United States of America) is composed of the following positions:

The coffin, the special airtight container for the deceased, embalming the body of the deceased is not less than 10 days, the collection of documents, submission of documents to the deceased in the Consular department, translation and notarization of the documents on the dead for the host, transportation of the deceased to the airport of departure, flight of the cargo 200 by plane from the airport of the US to the airport Russia, the city of destination, the meeting of the deceased from America at the airport, depressurization of the special zinc container, the preservation of the deceased in the morgue until the day of the alleged funeral.

All of the services and their cost can be discussed with a representative of the funeral home "Acropolis" in the Moscow office. At the conclusion of the contract is prepaid. The final settlement on the day of arrival of a cargo of 200 from the united states.

Moving across the border of the coffins with the bodies (remains) and urns with ashes (ashes)


8. The consignee of the cargo 200 in Russia is bound to be the undertakers

Funeral services: in Moscow, Russia

9. Transportation of the urn with the ashes of the united states

10. The largest cities in the united states:

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, San Antonio, San Diego, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Detroit, Denver, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Columbus, Atlanta

11.  The state and national languages:


12. International telephone code:

Code of the american hemisphere (USA, Canada, the Caribbean islands) - 1, the code of Manhattan (New York) - 212, Los Angeles - 213 or 310, Chicago - 312, Orlando - 407, Miami Beach - 305, San-Francisco - 415, Washington - 202 and more...

13. Time zone:



Embassy of the Russian Federation, 2650 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Washington DC, 20007, USA.


(8-10-1-202) 298-57-00, 298-57-01, 298-57-04.


(8-10-1-202) 298-57-35.





The consular section of the Embassy


2641 Танлоу, Washington, Dc 20007
(2641 Tunlaw Rd., NW, Washington, DC 20007).


(8-10-1-202) 939-89-07, 939-89-13, 939-89-18.


(8-10-1-202) 483-75-79.



Reception hours:

From Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 18.00
(by appointment).

Consulate general of the Russian Federation in San-Francisco


94123 the united states, pcs. California,
San Francisco, str. Green Street, bld. 2790
(The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in San Francisco
2790 Green Street, San Francisco, CA, 94123, USA).


(8-10-1-415) 928-68-78, 202-98-02.


(8-10-1-415) 929-03-06.





Reception hours:

Monday to Friday - on visa issues from 09.00 to 12.00.
Monday to Friday - passport-legal issues from 14.00 to 17.00.

Consulate general of the Russian Federation in Seattle


Consulate General of Russia in Seattle 600 University Street #2510 One Union Square Building Seattle, WA 98101.


(8-10-1-206) 728-02-32, 728-19-10.


(8-10-1-206) 728-18-71.





Reception hours:

From Monday to Friday from 08.30 am to 5.30 pm, lunch break from 12.30 to 13.30.
Reception hours for visitors:
from 09.00 to 12.00- on passport and notarial issues;
from 14.00 till 17.00- on visa issues.

Consulate general of the Russian Federation in Houston


Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Houston, 1333 West Loop South, Ste.1300, Houston, TX 77027.


(8-10-1-713) 337-33-00 ext. 309.


(8-10-1-713) 337-33-05.





Reception hours:

From Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 12.00.

Consulate general of the Russian Federation in New York


Consulate General of the Russian Federation in New York, 9 East 91 Street, New York, NY, 10128, USA.


(8-10-1-212) 348-17-17, 348-57-62, 348-09-26.


(8-10-1-212) 831-91-62.





Reception hours:

From Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 12.30.

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the united NATIONS in New York


Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, 136 East 67th St., New York, N.Y., 10065, USA.


(8-10-1-212) 861-49-00, 861-49-01, 861-49-02.


(8-10-1-212) 628-02-52.



foreign representations of the Russian Federation


Phone: 7 (495) 668-1087
Free number (Russia): 8-800-100-2554
For calls from the united states: (718) 425-8337

Operators provide information from 8:00 to 20:00, from Monday to Friday.

Mailing address of the embassy:

The U.S. embassy in Moscow, Consular section, Novinsky boulevard, 21, 123242 Moscow, Russia

Nearest metro station - "Barrikadnaya"(1) or "Krasnopresnenskaya"(2). From the station walk in the direction of the Garden Ring (3)and turn right. The embassy of the united states (5) is in the building next to the House of F. Shalyapin (4).

The U.S. Consulate General in St. Petersburg
Saint-Petersburg 191028
str. Furshtatskaya, 15

Tel: +7 (812) 331-2600
Fax: +7 (812) 331-2852
e-mail: visastpete@state.gov

For several decades the united states are among the countries, which recorded the highest proportion of prison population to the total population.
At the present time on 100 thousand americans have to 726 prisoners.
The level of crime in the united states decreased over the last decade.
The most dangerous are considered to be crimes, associated with trafficking in drugs and the commission of violent crimes.
It is also remarkable that in the country there is a very high level of murders.
In average per 100 000 residents of the united states accounts for 12 murders, while similar figures for Canada - 10, for Sweden and Germany - 6, to Italy - 4.
However, it should be taken into account that the average figures for the various states differ from each other.

Visits to the different regions of the country:

Usually криминогенными areas are central parts of major cities in the evening and night time.
At this time, tourists are recommended to walk in groups of several people, not to show around large amounts of cash.
In some parts of the country, first of all, the abandoned areas in large cities, most people prefer to keep their doors closed and not to go out alone at night.
Others, on the contrary, favorable for tourism and visits.
In this regard, when planning your trip it is recommended to inquire about the level of crime in the area of the country which you intend to visit.



IN the USA the rules of the road are regulated by the authorities of the states and cities by relevant codes of conduct.
To a large extent, the regulations have been developed on the basis of a single code, which was drafted by the National committee on rules of traffic of the USA.
The committee is a private non-profit organization and is composed of representatives of the governments of the states.
The authorities of some states fully implement this code, other modified in the context of the local legal regulations.
In most states, using the universal standards of the SDA on the basis of the "Guidelines on methods of regulation of road traffic", issued by the Ministry of transport of the USA.
In particular, these standards include the identical interpretation of signs and signals, as well as the rules of driving on the roads.
On the territories of individual federal agencies operate internal codes of driving.

It should be noted that in some states (e.g., Florida) of the rules of the road are separated from the criminal law and, therefore, in most cases the responsibility for their violation is not strict nature.
At the same time in South Carolina violation of TRAFFIC rules referred to the category of criminal offences.

The rules of the road in the united states in many ways resembles the standards established in Russia.
To the characteristics of the SDA in the united states can be attributed priority vehicles driving on the right side, except for cases of management warning signs and entry to the highway or main road to the secondary road.

Often at the american corners can be found signs of a full stop from all directions.
In this case, the priority shall be given to pedestrians, as well as the vehicle, which first comes to the intersection (if the cars travel at the intersection at the same time, the priority is given to the car on the right side; if the travel of three of the vehicle, the priority for those, who travel in opposite directions).

IN the united states allowed a right turn on a red light, if there is no number of prohibiting sign and no cars on the main road.
Also, if you have a solid strip it is not recommended to overtake, and in the presence of a solid dual band it is prohibited to commit overtaking.
Overtaking on the right side in states such as Louisiana, Massachusetts and New York are not strictly prohibited.
In Colorado, if necessary, use a combination of rules and signs prohibiting overtaking on the right.
In California, you can use any lane to overtake on the road, but the slow-moving vehicles, as a rule, should take the far right lane.

On some american highways can take advantage of special lanes of traffic, which are designed for vehicles with two or three passengers, including the driver, and are marked with symbols "For cars with several passengers" (HOV Lane).

For most large american metropolises of the typical problem of traffic jams.
For its solution in many cities have established strict prohibition of parking in the peak hours at the main arteries leading to the city center.
In some states at the gate to the secondary road on the highway traffic lights are used, governing a steady stream of cars.

The main types of fuel:

American motorists to use the following types of fuel:fuel consumption:
- gasoline;
- diesel;
- ethanol.
Octane number in the united states indicate that not all gas stations.
Standard gasoline "Regular" has 87 octane(AI-90 in equivalent for the Russian Gost), and "Premium" - 92 or 93 (not below the Russian 98-th in equivalent).
Sometimes you can find more high-octane types of gasoline ("Super" - 94).
The average price of recommended unleaded gasoline (92 or 93) in Washington is 3 usd. The U.S. for 1 gallon.
The average price of the diesel - 3,15 million. The U.S. for 1 gallon.
The average price of ethanol fuel (E85) in Washington - 2,50 usd. The U.S. for 1 gallon.

The availability of parking places:

Centers of american cities are separated by a parking machines.
Any motorist has two options to park in the area of:
- find free parking place on the street and in the place of paying for parking by means of cash (maximum 2 hours);
- find the underground or a ground parking lot, where payment is made by the clock, but at more expensive rates. In the latter case, you can leave your car for any amount of time.
In addition, there are special symbols the rules of the street parking on the plates bolted to the posts.
For example, a label with information about the fact that parking is prohibited from 16.00 to 18.30, as well as on Wednesday, means that all the rest of the time parking is allowed.

As in every state and city rules and the price of parking determine the city authorities, the rates everywhere are different.
If to speak about the prices in the capital of the USA - Washington, there is a parking slots hour parking costs $ 2 a day. The united states, the parking is paid from 9 am to 5 pm, and in some parts of the city centre - from 07.30 am to 9 pm.
At night and on Sunday the parking on the streets is free of charge.
The biggest underground parking lots hour parking costs from 8-10 million. The united states, and if you leave the car for more than an hour, then in the majority of underground garages Washington's cost will reach $ 18. THE U.S..
In New York there are parking in the heart of Manhattan with the tariffs of $ 30. The united states and even $ 50. The united states in an hour.

The penalty for non-compliance with the accuracy and timeliness of parking in Washington is $ 25. The united states, and pay for it the guilty must within 15 days.
If a car is parked in the wrong place, for example, a fire hydrant, then it necessarily evacuated.
The majority of companies-tow trucks in the U.S. private firms, which have signed contracts with the city authorities.
Buy a car with free parking costs from 90 to 125 dollars. The united states, plus directly fines, which can also be different and reach a peak hours $ 100. THE U.S..

The necessity to pay road tax:

Once a year all car owners pay a road tax, the value of which depends on the brand of the car and state to state and may vary from 20 up to us $ 600). THE U.S..
In some states this tax is absent, but the petrol is extra charge, which the owners of petrol stations listed in the state budget.
The main highway of the country mostly free of charge, however there are paid sites of roads, the cost of travel for which can be up to $ 5. THE U.S..
In twenty-seven states there are about 150 of paid roads, bridges and tunnels.
They are under the control of different organizations: transport departments states, specialized road or port authorities, federal and regional agencies.